Red Kites

Welcome to Red Kites Class 

We are Red Kites Class and we are a friendly and caring team who love to learn.

Mrs Spencer is the class teacher on a Monday to Thursday and Mrs Collins teaches on a Friday.

Mrs McLoughlin and Mrs Gooch are our Teaching Assistants.

We love following the Golden Rules and the school values are also very important to us.

We will show our independence by our willingness to try new activities and we will show perseverance by not giving up, even when we find something a challenge. We show kindness and respect to each other and to everyone around the school. Learning is busy but great fun and we love to receive stickers and pebbles for our work and for our positive attitude to learning.

We always try to lend a helping hand – adults and children alike which makes us a great team.

The children have already settled to life in Red Kites Class and make a great team. They are keen to try new activities and enjoy the roles, responsibilities and independence that being a member of Year Two provides. The class are enjoying having opportunities to make choices about their learning both inside and outside the classroom and it is good to see that they are already challenging themselves while working.


Red Kites pupil comments:

‘I’ve enjoyed working back at school again.’

‘I like playing with my friends, its great fun!’

‘Being with my new teachers, that’s great!’

‘It has been nice in Red Kites because we have done lots of activities inside and outside too.’

‘Art has been good, we can do drawing, painting or make models.’

‘I have learnt about penguins in the South Pole – they can breathe under water for 30 minutes!’

Supporting Learning at Home
The resources below can be downloaded and printed if you would like to support your child with practising tricky and high frequency words.
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