Special Educational Needs

Children may require additional support for a variety of reasons during their education. It is our intention to identify children requiring support as early as possible so that the appropriate strategies can be put into place quickly. Concerns may be raised by parents, teachers or teaching assistants. We operate a number of systems from the Early Years Foundation Stage onwards that help with this process.

Parents are always informed if the school has a concern about a child. The teachers and SENCO (special educational needs co-ordinator) take great care to liaise closely with parents about strategies and progress.

Generally speaking, about 8% of the school’s population is on our special needs register at any one time. A small minority of these children have complex needs that are best met through additional support as outlined in a statement or EHC plan. This is part of a statutory process. Some children may need additional support from a specialist teacher and some will need additional help from school and home, often on a temporary basis.

Higher Needs Funding can be applied for to provide short term additional support for a child with a recognised need.

Our aim is to be an inclusive school. This means that equality of opportunity must be a reality for our children and our school policies reflect this aim.  The Special Educational Needs Policy is reviewed annually by The Governing Body and can be found under the Key Information - Policies tab.

Our Annual SEN report is available under Key Information - Annual SEN Report.

Arrangements for pupils with disabilities

The school has been included in a disability access initiative and has a disabled toilet with shower area.  Although the site is accessible to wheelchairs we have installed a ramp to further improve wheelchair access.  We are always looking for new ways to improve wheelchair access.

In accordance with the school’s Inclusion Policy all children with special educational needs will be offered full access to a broad, balanced, relevant curriculum with interventions that are in addition to or different from those already provided.

Admission to the school for pupils with disabilities

The Bucks County Council preference form should be filled in and parents should also contact a member of the Pupil Support Team at County Hall. Please see further details under the Admissions page of this website.

The Accessibility Policy can be found on this website under the Key Information tab.