School Council

School Council Achievements 2022-2023
  • Agreed on the aims and constitution of the School Council.

  • Provided important feedback about behaviour in the dining hall and on the playground.

  • Provided suggestions about how classes might do better at following the behaviour expectations.

  • At your request, new playground equipment was purchased for every class in the school

  • You made suggestions about what should happen if playground equipment is not be looked after properly.

  • You reported that behaviour at John Hampden School is very good and that unkind behaviour is sorted out by teachers.

  • You thought of lots of questions that children might have about their next class/teachers. These were shared with teachers and answered during the transition visits.

  • Year 2 representatives attended an important meeting with Year 3 School Council representatives from WJS to talk about how to make transition run smoothly and this was shared with all Year 2 pupils.

  • School Council meeting minutes are shared with teachers during staff meetings and with every class in the school.