Medical Needs and First Aid in School

Many staff are trained in paediatric first aid procedures. In addition, two teaching assistants hold the full ‘First Aid at Work’ certificate and they attend to children and adults who are hurt or unwell, contacting parents where necessary. The Health Service provides regular health checks and discusses any medical issues with the school. Any medical concerns should be brought to the attention of the class teacher in the first instance who will inform others if necessary. The school provides regular online training for staff on health issues like use of Epipens, asthma policy. The school holds spare asthma medication and a spare Epipen for use in an emergency. Prescribed medicines may, if necessary, be administered by staff at the school but only with written consent from parents. Medicines which are prescribed to be taken three times a day will not be administered by school staff except in exceptional circumstances. Medicines that are not prescribed, like cough mixture or pain relief, may not be administered by school staff. Parents should always inform the school if their child has a contagious illness and follow guidelines available from the office recommended periods that children should be kept from school.