Service Pupil and Nurture Support

 At The John Hampden School Wendover we believe in supporting all children, enabling every pupil to fulfil their potential. The well-being of each child is vital; a happy and settled child is more receptive to learning.

The school receives Pupil Premium funding for each Service child. This enables us to employ our Nurture Support Coordinator who offers advice and help to our Service pupils & families. This funding also enables us to purchase books and resources to support sessions with Service children. We have also been able to buy a number of special Armed Services bears which have been a source of comfort to pupils in their class when a family member is on a deployment. The school has purchased a number of reference books and materials to increase teacher knowledge. Service Pupil Premium funding has also provided the opportunity for the Service Pupil and Family Support Coordinator and Teacher to attend training courses.


Forthcoming events/dates for the diary:


We try to organise a coffee morning every term, details of the next one will be announced in due course.

Mrs Clare Dowell

Nurture & Support Co-ordinator

The Nurture Support co-ordinator works in conjunction with John Hampden School’s procedures and policies to complement the existing support put in place by the school. Responsibilities include providing support for children and families at times that can present challenges such as:

* During times of transition in and out of educational settings

* During times of parental deployment

* As school friends are posted away

* At other times of wider need

To effectively offer this support we would really appreciate it if you could let us know of any forthcoming postings or deployments you anticipate. If you have any questions or would like to meet up with the Nurture Support Co-ordinator please contact us via the school office address . I would be very happy to meet you and your family to discuss further how we can work together, along with the school, to promote positive outcomes during the potentially turbulent times that may be encountered as part of Forces life. In my absence please contact Jo Spencer at the school on 01296 622629.

The school have a dedicated display for the Service families to raise the profile of the three Services and the fantastic jobs that you do. To update this we would love to add photos of our serving parents (in uniform if possible). If you have any photos you would be happy to share please email Jo Spencer via

I am currently a Year Two teacher at John Hampden and a member of the senior leadership team. My role offers a link between Lainey and the staff. We plan and deliver staff training together as well as events. I am always willing to speak to service families when Lainey is unavailable.

Mrs Ruth Falkus

Pupil Premium Governor

The Service Pupil Passport

If a child is preparing to move with their family as part of a posting, the Nurture Support Co-ordinator will make a special book with them called a passport which will be sent with the child to their new school. This will help them to remember their old school and it enables their new teachers to get to know them more quickly.

The Travels of John Hampden Bear

The John Hampden bear continues to travel with some Service family members while they are on deployment.