Pupil Voice

Pupil Voice at The John Hampden School Wendover
At The John Hampden School we encourage active learning and we welcome contributions from pupils as a way of developing their self-confidence, self-esteem and their positive engagement in the process of learning.
Examples of this within current practice:
  • Pupils are involved in decision making processes through regular class council circle times (CCCT) sessions. 
  • Regular P4C sessions from FS to Y2 to ensure our pupils receive regular guidance and opportunities to think critically and independently which is essential in order for them to become leaders of learning. 
  • Mind mapping strategies are used at the start and end of a topic to gauge what pupils already know about a given topic and what they would like to find out. Staff use this knowledge to plan accordingly.
  • Year 2 'ambassadors' show groups of parents around the school at open mornings and talk them through life at JHSW.
  • Our Year 2 children take a role at lunchtime by monitoring behaviour and conduct. They are given the responsibility of monitoring designated areas across the school as Monitors or Play Pals. During the Autumn Term they acted as friendly guides to younger pupils to ease their transition at lunchtimes.
  • An active School Council contributes to key decision making in terms of school development.