Remote Education Provision


As an infant school with responsibility for teaching very young children our aims for remote education are to provide something that:

  •        Is easy to navigate
  •        Is flexible in terms of the way you can deliver it at home
  •        Is clear in terms of expectations of time to be spent on an activity
  •        Is as easy as possible to access
  •        Is not reliant on children being ‘glued’ to a device
  •        Is giving children the chance to have high quality teaching input from staff which supports  them and their parents
  •        Allows continuity for learners in school and at home
  •        Provides breadth and balance in terms of the curriculum offered
  •        Is allowing children to meet virtually with their peers

Although we know Remote Learning may be difficult to manage we really hope that we can work together, for the best interests of our pupils, to ensure the learning is completed on a daily basis so when all our pupils return to school they will not have been significantly disadvantaged by any lockdown/isolation measures.

To access remote education provision parents will need to log on to the website using their own username and password .We can remind you of your login details if you have mislaid them – please contact the school office if necessary. Login using the green login box in the top right hand corner of the school website

Logging on will give you access to your child’s class page where the Home Learning will be uploaded regularly. Each day there will be a daily plan which will detail the activities to complete that day, an indication of how long each activity should take and a list of the resources you will need – the videos and downloadable resources will be positioned directly underneath the daily plan so they are easily accessible. Children will be able to access the teacher led videos and assemblies on any smart device. If it is necessary to differentiate any teaching videos to meet the varying needs of children in the class, all pupils should watch Video A unless you have been personally contacted by the class teacher to advise you that your child would benefit from watching Video B.

We are here to help and support you and your children so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support, either by phoning the school if you need to speak to anyone, or by email. Each class has its own email address (included on the Class page) which is monitored regularly when staff are not directly teaching. Otherwise, please use