Year 2 History Morning

Year 2 History Morning

Year Two had a super time during last week’s History Day. Teachers and pupils alike dressed up and travelled back in time to 1666 to find out more about life in the Stuart times as well as about the Great Fire of London. The classes got the chance to participate in a range of activities including hot seating, which involved different characters sitting on the interview chair, answering questions about life at the time and describing what they saw when the fire broke out. The children also engaged in role play activities linked to events in 1666 and followed an ancient recipe to bake bread.

Here are some comments from the pupils about History Day.

Ellie – I loved the drama because we got to act out the Great Fire of London and save people!

Rosie – I liked the hot seating because it was fun to be someone from the time of the Great Fire of London.

William – It was surprising to see how much sugar goes into bread!

Jake – I liked the drama, I liked pretending to be a Firefighter.

Joey – I enjoyed passing the bucket down the line to put out the fire.

Lexi – I loved hot seating, it was great asking questions!

Faye – It was great when Thomas Farynor came in and we got to ask him questions.

Caleb – I liked making bread, the dough was squidgy!

Liesel – I liked working in groups to act out a scene as if it was real.