Welcome Week 1 - week commencing 7th June 2021


It is a pleasure to welcome you and your child to The John Hampden School Wendover. You will have received a letter from us offering your child a place in our Early Years (Crickets) Class from September 2021. Due to current circumstances, our induction and transition arrangements will be designed to provide as much information as possible via email and attachments with the opportunity for some face-to-face contact, assuming it is deemed safe to do so. From this point on, every Monday you will receive an email from us which will signpost you to useful information to enable a smooth transition into school. 

We believe that open lines of communication between home and school are the key to promoting an educational climate that is conducive to learning. 

We look forward to working in partnership with you.

 The following table gives a timeline for the dissemination of information to you.

Week 1 
Welcome,  Information about Out of School Care
Week 2
Admission Forms, School Uniform ordering, Invitations sent for induction sessions/meetings
Week 3  
Induction Meeting for Parents 21-06-21 @ 6pm
Characteristics of Effective Learning and Preparation for Crickets Class
Week 4
Food and drink, medical needs, Leave of Absence, Attendance
Week 5
First Induction Visit for new Nursery pupils 06-07-21 from 10.00am-11.00am, if Covid restrictions allow
 Week 6
Second Induction Visit for new Nursery pupils 13-07-21 from 10.00am-11.00am, if Covid restrictions allow 
The School Day, What to bring, Travelling to and from school
Uniform Collection from 14-07-21
Week 7
Communicating with school, Parent Partnership, Friends of John Hampden
Out of School Care (OOSC)

A message from Sharon Cottle OOSC Manager

Welcome to John Hampden Out of School Care.  My name is Sharon Cottle and I have the pleasure of managing the extended services within the John Hampden School. We provide both Breakfast Club and After School Club for children attending the John Hampden and Wendover Junior Schools. I have a dedicated team who enjoy the challenge of making everyday fun and entertaining for the children who attend.

We aim to provide a setting where children feel safe, secure and relaxed, where they can challenge themselves through play and enjoy building new friendships. We value good relationships with the whole family and are committed to working in partnership to provide the best care possible for your child.

At the OOSC we recognise the importance of play in children’s development, as Play Workers we aim to support the children in controlling and directing their own play. We provide activities such as craft, construction, small world play and role play each day and the end of term is celebrated with a fun week where we provide special evenings such as cinema night, magic with Colonel Custard and games night to name but a few. 

The setting is open to children aged between 3 -7 years attending The John Hampden School Wendover (JHSW), Year 3 pupils from Wendover Junior School (WJS) or pupils from Years 4,5 & 6 at WJS who have a sibling link at JHSW.  Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first served basis, however preference will be given to children attending JHSW or those who already have a sibling attending the setting.  Breakfast Club runs from 7.45am until 8.45am and After School Club runs from 3.15pm until 6.00pm daily. You must wait for confirmation of a place before bringing your child to the provision.


In order for your child to attend the Out of School Care, we must have received a completed registration form; this will include emergency contact details and details of your child’s individual needs. We ask that you keep us updated of any changes to family circumstances and personal details to enable us to provide the best possible care for your child. All details will be stored securely to ensure confidentiality and protect your family.


 Please refer to the OOSC section of the school website for more information. Please return a completed registration form if you are interested in securing a place in OOSC.