Walk to School

MAPS Launch

To launch our new walk to school initiative we had some visitors joining us on our walk up the campus road to school. ‘Strider’ the WOW living streets mascot and ‘Alf’ (BCC school travel plan mascot) greeted the children as they made a sustainable journey to school on Friday morning.

 Children from both the John Hampden School and The Wendover Junior School had the chance to display their own design for Strider as they travelled to school. Earlier in the week all children from both schools were issued with a map to encourage the children and their families to travel to school sustainably.  MAPS provides every family with a detailed map of the local area with additional information about our School Travel Plans.  The map highlights 5, 10 and 15 minute walking zones as well as recommending Park & Stride points and information about our other travel initiatives. Reporters from the Bucks Herald and representatives from county were also there to join the launch.

The children record their daily journey in class using the WOW travel tracker (which has replaced the old Go for Gold scheme)

We are very pleased that so many children and their parents support our initiatives to encourage a healthier and more sustainable way to travel to and from school.