School Travel


 We follow the Living Streets, 'Walk to School' initiative.

We hope our families will join with thousands of schools and around one million pupils across the UK to make walking to school the natural choice and part of every child’s daily routine. Children can walk, scoot or ride their bikes to school as part of this scheme.

Children who participate in this scheme at least three times every week are rewarded with a monthly badge. Each year there are 11 badges to collect and the children love being rewarded with these and seeing their collection grow!

 A reminder to all children who bike and scoot to school:

For safety reasons please do not ride your scooter or bike on any of the school paths. Once you reach the school gate get off your bike or scooter and wheel it to the parking area. At the end of the day please also walk your bike or scooter to the gate before you start to ride. Thank you.

Heather Beattie

School Travel Co-ordinator