School Council

School Council Achievements
  • Agreed on the aims and constitution of the School Council
  • Provided important feedback about kindness around the school
  • Ensured Kindness posters went up on the playground
  • Suggested different ways that children can help themselves to make better progress in learning, these were shared with teachers & all pupils in the school
  • Visited the building project, photos and comments were made into a display along the corridor for everyone to see and information was also put in the school newsletter
  • Decided on how classes should be rewarded for good lining up (getting 5 balls at lunchtime)
  • Gave important advice about playground behaviour as well as behaviour around the school
  • Attended an important meeting with the School Council representatives from WJS to talk about how to make transition run smoothly
  • Suggested that Year 2’s attend a special assembly led by Year 3’s with a power-point, all about life at WJS.
  • Suggested a new rule for those that break the Golden Rules 6 times or more after a proposal to Mrs Barnes
  • Suggested Game of the week – to improve behaviour at playtime
  • Supported the introduction of Play Pals to help children at lunchtime
  • Made safety signs on the playground to stop children slipping in muddy areas when it is wet
  • Suggested training for MDMS’s to help them sort out friendship issues
  • Introduced a Kindness poster competition to promote ‘being kind’ around the school
  • Discussed a better transition plan to help children who might be nervous of moving up to their next class/school
  • Contributed to a School Council board & photos so that everyone knows who the representatives are
  • Wore School Council badges to help representatives to learn each other’s names

School Council meeting minutes are shared with teachers during staff meetings and with every class in the school