Reading Mentors Project

Tuesday 27th March was the celebration event to mark the end of our current Reading Mentors project. During the Spring Term some of our Year 2 pupils met up with pupils from Wendover Junior School each week. The aim was to develop confidence and enjoyment when reading and the feedback from our pupils was very positive.

‘My Mentor gave me confidence to read’ Luan

‘I enjoyed reading with my Mentor’ Bailey-Jack

‘I feel happy & confident about reading now’ Holly

‘I liked reading with my mentor’ Jude

‘I was a bit shy when I first met my Mentor but now I like reading with him’ Mason

‘The project made feel excited to read’ Ellie

‘My Mentor Hannah, helped me a lot’ Eva

‘I am getting better at my reading because Neeson helped me’

‘The project made me feel good’ Alfie

At the end of the project there was a whole school assembly and the presentation of certificates to celebrate achievement and progress.