Growth Mindsets Curriculum Evening

On Thursday 28th September we held a curriculum evening for parents. The theme was developing Growth Mindsets and 119 parents signed up to attend. The evening included presentations from Mrs Barnes and Mrs Parkinson about how Growth Mindsets are being developed at the school. The audience were given the opportunity to complete some quizzes based on the information provided and to discover whether they had a fixed or growth mindset. Parents and carers were also given practical ideas about how they can encourage a growth mindset with their children at home and support the work of the school.
Feedback from the evening was very positive including:
Excellent - very useful and right level of detail.
Great evening, I've picked up lots of points and I can't wait to start using them.
Very helpful evening allowing us to learn new ways to encourage our children's learning journey.
What an intriguing subject! It has definitely got me wanting to know more so I will be doing more research when I get home. Thank you
Brilliant. Really clear. Carefully worded in a way that made you think and want to change.
Interesting topic, great tips to help encourage the kids at home and keep the interest in learning going. Was very happy to hear that failure is encouraged in order to succeed and improve.
Thank you for another fun, informative and educational evening. I am so pleased my daughter is at a school that is so proactive in implementing optimum learning. Thank you
How incredibly lucky are we to have a school that cares on every level to ensure my child loves to learn! 
For those who were not able to attend we have put the presentation under the Parents section of this website.