Chanukah Assembly

The Jewish Festival of Chanukah is celebrated from 3rd to 10th December this year, and we were very luck to have Mrs Spyer (Leo’s mum in Badger’s Class) come to our school on Monday, to tell the children all about this very special Festival.

The children learnt that the Festival of Lights, is a very special Jewish holiday that celebrates a miracle that happened 2,100 years ago in Israel, 100 years before Jesus was even born.

They learnt about the Greek King Antiochus (the Baddie) and Judah the Maccabee (the Goodie). They also learnt about the special spinning tops, dreidels and how each letter was really ‘code’ for a special prayer. As they spun the spinning tops the Jewish people would then say the prayer of the letter it landed on. The children learnt of the miracle that happened on Chanukah in the Temple, and why there are nine candles on the Chanukkiah (or Menorah). The children got the opportunity to carefully light the Menorah, listen to some Jewish music and take home their very own dreidel each.