Arts Week


During Arts Week the children were engaged in a number of enrichment activities. On Monday each class took part in a free drama workshop led by ‘Perform’.

Throughout the week the focus was on the arts, with children being exposed to art and music linked to the theme of the jungle. The plan was for the week to culminate with the children coming to school in animal themed costumes for World Book Day and taking part in a whole school assembly where each class put on their own performance. This took place on Friday 9th March.

We thought you might be interested to read what each class have been doing and what the children have enjoyed.

Honeybees class—Freddie enjoyed being able to act out his jungle animal in Zumba. Ruby enjoyed painting the animal skins with oil pastels. I had to look really carefully.

Ladybirds class made masks and learnt to Zumba to ‘The Bare Necessities’. Poppy loved doing the zumba dance. It was from The Jungle Book. 

Caterpillars class created their own jungle animal masks. The children chose their favourite animal and made a mask to match. They also learnt a zumba dance to The Bare Necessities with the other two classes. Kit liked painting his mask because he used orange and yellow to make it beautiful and Kitty liked zumba because she liked the music.

Hedgehogs class have been making jungle animal masks to tell the story of ‘Rumble in the Jungle’. Isabella said she chose to make a gazelle mask because the gazelle in the story is very pretty. Zac said he liked making a snake. He put lots of red on it to make it like a python.

Squirrels class have been making their own drums. They have decorated them in bright colours. Gabriele said he liked to hit the drums with his hand or tap them with the beater. It was great fun. Lucy said she liked glueing best because it was all messy. It was great fun making up a song to play our drums to.

Badgers class have been practising a dance to the song ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’. They came up with their own moves and had lots of fun. Oscar and Chloe said it was fun doing the dance and learning about the planets. Ruben and Isabelle said they enjoyed arts week because we had to stand still and pretend to be stars.

Herons class learnt about the work of Eric Carle. They also learnt and experimented with textured painting, using printing and scraping. They developed their paper tearing techniques and learnt about abstract art and made their own abstract art -a whole class collage of a jungle tree and learnt some facts about sloths!

Eleanor said she enjoyed making the abstract art because we used lots of different colours. Isobel said she has enjoyed making leaves out of the paper we painted using scrapers and duplo.

Red Kites class learnt about Matisse and his different styles of painting and collage. Ollie learned that Matisse liked to use bright colours in his paintings and collage to make them stand out. Amelia learnt that his early paintings were darker, he used browns and greys to paint his pictures.

Firecrests class did lots including sketching and watercoloured Henri Roussseau’s ‘Tropical Storm with a Tiger’. Mia enjoyed making a tiger picture out of shaving foam. It was fun to get messy. William was good at spotting a tiger in the painting and then drawing and colouring it himself.