Arts Week

Arts Week
During the final week of the half term our pupils were engaged in a new 'Arts Week'. 

Arts Week has seen the children engaged in a whole range of activities with the theme of ‘Mythical Creatures’. Over the week 3D structures of dragons, giants and Harry Potter inspired fantastic creatures have been created. On Friday afternoon each class came to the hall to parade in front of everyone the masks and models that they had made. Alongside all the art work they have also been learning songs, chants and poems to perform. 

Foundation Stage children made dragon masks, sang a dragon song with actions and made a collaborative 3-D dragon and an accompanying rhyming poem.

Year One classes made giants masks, giant puppets and performed a Giant Chant.

Year Two classes made papier mache masks and a giant dragon inspired by creatures within the Harry Potter stories. They each performed a song, dance or poem.