Reading Area Competition

In March we awarded prizes to the best class reading area. There were joint winners - Red Kites and Hedgehogs. Every child in these classes received a John Hampden book mark as a prize.
I like our reading area as it’s a bit quiet and there’s a lot of dogs to relax on and there are a lot of books to read— Sohan
It is fun to relax in and there is loads of books to read in the book corner— Ruby
I like our reading area because our blue tent makes it feel cosy to read books in—Jamie
I like our reading area because I like sitting inside our tent to read. It makes reading feel special—Elsa
I like our reading area because it is wonderful and I can relax, read stories and cuddle the bears—Isabelle
I like the reading corner because there are lots of books and it looks like a jungle and I like being in there—Oliver
Our reading area has got a cosy, little tent for reading our books in. It’s also got a hole in the side so you can poke your arm through for a book too! - Olly
We have a lot more space where it is and the good choice of books available are cool to read in the tent—Emma
You can read a book in the relaxing corner, you can use the phonics ball to practise your sounds or you can use the word cards to practise them—Jamie
You can play with the story puppets and read as many books as you like— Charlotte
I like our reading area because I can have quiet time in there, reading books—Cesare I like our reading area because it is a nice quiet area to look at stories on my own or to share books with my friends—Olivia
I like our reading area because Mrs Shrimpton has made us a ‘reading rocket’ and it is somewhere that makes me feel calm and that I can go to read without getting distracted. It feels like you are in a real rocket—George
I like the fact that our reading area has all the words that we need to learn hanging in it on planets. It means I can practise them—Tia