Week 1 - week commencing 28th June 2021

Transition Arrangements for Year 1 Pupils - Summer 2021


As the end of the academic year approaches we are keen to prepare our pupils for the next stage in their learning journey. This year has brought unprecedented challenges but ensuring a smooth transition for your children into the next year group is definitely a key priority for us now.

This year, despite the current restrictions, we will do our utmost to ensure a smooth transition for our pupils and we have put together a new plan for transition which aims to provide you and your children with the information you need along with opportunities to alleviate any worries or any uncertainty in terms of what lies ahead for September. 

The following table gives details of when you will receive specific information so you, as parents/carers, are aware of the process that is taking place.



1st July 2021

Disseminate the Transition Plan to Parents/Carers via emailed letter

Signpost to JHSW website ‘Transition to Year 2’ for updates each week

2nd July 2021

Staffing Plan for 2021-2022 shared with parents


Week Commencing 5th July 2021

Introduction to new class teacher via Teacher welcome video

Welcome  to Year 2  Powerpoint  available on the 'Classes' tab of this website


Parents to be asked to complete a sheet to return to JHSW ‘All About Me’


6th July 2021- County Induction Day –all Year 1 children to visit new class teacher in new classroom during the morning

 9th July - new teachers to read a story to their new class

 Annual Report to be sent home (09-07-21)

Week Commencing 12th July 2021

New Year 2 pupils have second visit to new classroom with new teacher (13-7-21)

Indication of what Year Groups will be learning during the Autumn Term & any preparation they need to do for Sept.

Welcome letter from teacher to be issued to each pupil 

Current Y1 and Y2 Ambassador visits to new classes

Week commencing

19th July 2021

Any further information regarding organisation for first days in September.

Any further information from latest Government/Local Authority guidance.