Reading Curriculum Evening October 2015

Some feedback comments:
Two fantastic sessions - thank you! As someone new to phonics I have found tonight very helpful. My daughter loves 'reading' with us and I want to encourage this without putting her off and your tips tonight will certainly help. And thanks in advance for all the informatuion on your website re reading resources.
Really informative thank you
Great to have an understanding of what is being taught in school in order to supoort them at home.
A really useful evening; very enthusiastic and committed staff who provided some good tips and context on how the school teaches reading and comprehension.
Really informative
Nice to have the opportunity to ask specific questions to teachers
Great to see what I'm doing well at as a parent and where I can improve
Sessions were a good length.
Really useful evening. I feel much more comfortable that I'm not doing something different to what my child does at school. Thanks
Thank you so much for investing the time in us parents! (Made me realise how much I enjoy reading - and don't do enough) 
Great that you understand the pressures of 'fitting it all into' family life.
It has been such a brilliant opportunity to see and know what takes place behind the walls. Keep it up.
Thank you for organising such an informative evening. I have learned so much. It was such a good use of time. Invaluable.