Reading Curriculum Evening 2018

On Thursday 27th September we held a curriculum evening for parents. The theme was developing reading skills and 102 parents signed up to attend. The evening included presentations from Mrs Barnes and Mrs Parkinson about the importance of a parent partnership when developing fluent, enthusiastic readers and how this is encouraged at the school. The audience were then given the opportunity to attend workshop sessions led by teachers from each year group before browsing the resources that are being used. Parents and carers were also given practical ideas about how they can encourage a positive attitude towards learning to read with their children at home and support the work of the school.
Feedback from the evening was very positive including:
It's been a brilliant and informative evening. I have come away feeling happy and confident in helping my son in the correct way and know he is at a higher level than I realised. I will be returning for more curriculum evenings. Thank you
Thanks so much for the evening - overall it was so great to be involved and invited to get more familiar with where our child is being educated. It has really strengthened the connection with the school. Invaluable to help us fit our efforts with the professionals! Many thanks
Helpful to hear information about what happens at school and how we can support at home - without it being too technical or pressurised! Nice to hear the emphasis is on enjoying reading. Thank you!
Thorough introduction, clear and concise. Well laid out examples of work in classrooms. Good presentation by teachers. Thank you
Brilliant opportunity for us parents to engage and understand how and what our children are learning. No wonder they are so tired when they come home! All the teachers are very informative and have a great way of communicating all the important messages to us. Thank you
I found the evening very useful. It was good having the specific year groups catered for. My daughter is in Year 2 and it was good to have information on different ways that their age groups reading is being progressed and how we can help at home.
Really helpful - enjoyed the year group idea of chatting with teachers. Lots of good ideas and as ever, great communication from approachable staff. Thank you
Very useful evening. The explanation of HOW you teach our children was very useful, especially since I have not been taught phonics myself as a child. I now feel more confident that I will still be able to support my child on his learning journey. Thank you
Amazing - we are really blessed to have such an amazing school in Wendover. Brilliant evening. Thank you.
Thank you so much for showing us how we can help our children to develop a 'love' of reading at home. Greta ideas. Very useful.
This was a very useful evening. Having the teachers explain the process allows a better understanding for parents which, in turn, allows better support to our child's education.