Open Morning

On Wednesday 14th October we organised an ‘Open Morning’ for prospective parents. In total well over 50 families visited the school and were given a short presentation followed by a guided tour of the school by a group of  Year 2 ambassadors. Feedback from the event was very positive and it was lovely to be able to show off our school in such a positive way. Here are a few comments from the feedback sheets:

Really helpful in terms of information we needed to know. The children taking the tour was a wonderful touch. They all seem very happy and proud to be here.

Very informative and the tour plus the guides were great! Enjoyed it and hopefully our child will make it through!!

Wonderful to see all the children taking part. All seemed very happy and willing. A credit to the school.

Super! Very informative, great school—seems like a very stimulating environment . And our tour guides were outstanding—a credit to themselves and the school.

Year Two pupils who led the tours had this to say:

It was nice to meet new people. Chloe

It was fun because everyone asked good questions and they were kind .Alistair

It was really exciting because we did two tours and I had lots of fun. Mack

I was nervous but very proud and happy. Lotte

It was really nice meeting people and I loved the feedback that they wrote about our school and our tour. Jess

I was a bit nervous but it was really fun. All of it was the best bit ! Hannah

I am very proud of the school and myself because I’ve never heard so many lovely things said about us. Matilda

I liked it because the people who asked the questions were really nice. Olly

I was a bit nervous when I had to say my favourite thing about John Hampden but when I did the tour I was really happy. Mason

I was really nervous at the start but when I showed them around I really enjoyed myself . Finnley

At the start I was nervous but I actually felt quite confident when I started to show them around. Joseph

When I looked at how many people there were I was quite scared and worried but it really wasn’t bad and I actually got quite confident. Robbie

It was really scary when I was sitting in the hall because I didn’t know what they would think. When I started to show them around I heard lots of thank yous when I opened the door for them and then I knew I was OK. Rory

I think the tour was nice because the  people I was leading were happy and thought they wanted to bring their children to John Hampden School. 

I was a bit anxious but when I got going I was OK and I felt happy. Lily

I thought we were going to show children and adults around but they were just adults so I pretended they were children! I was really nervous but the people were nice and they asked me questions. Lillah.