Safety Week

1st November 2021
Health Week

From 1st - 5th November, the curriculum focus has been on how to keep safe. Mrs Shrimpton shared important messages about e-safety and all classes have learnt more about fire safety with a super talk led by Mrs Daley. WJS Junior Road Safety Officers led an informative assembly about road safety and even included a rap for the children to sing along to! Pupils also received important advice about how to stay safe and how to deal with unkindness and bullying, led by Mrs Barnes and Mrs Parkinson as well as a fantastic presentation by anti-bullying ambassadors from WJS for Year 2. The children have also learnt what to do if they are ever lost, Mrs Beattie delivered scooter training to Year 1 and our local school bike trainer, Chris German provided a presentation about staying safe when cycling for Year 2 teachers to share. The classes have also learnt about dog and water safety.                                                          

There were a wide range of follow up activities in class including; medicines, risk and danger, P4C linked to making good decisions and the importance of rules. The children also learnt about firework safety.

At the end of each week, pupils were asked to reflect on all of the life skills that they have learnt, all hopefully serving to make them all better equipped for their future.