Maths Day


Friday 30th January was Maths Day at the school. Mrs Timms, our maths co-ordinator, organised a fun packed day which included a visit from ‘Maths in a Suitcase’. Each year group planned a range of mathematical activities for their classes to complete and the feedback from pupils and staff was extremely positive about everything that went on.


“I enjoyed being with the Maths man as all his things were really interesting” - Lola, Hedgehogs

“I enjoyed making the Maths posters about ourselves using numbers and making number sentences” - Sophie, Hedgehogs


“It was my first Maths day because we didn’t do it in my old school.  It was fun” - Edward, Firecrests

“I liked playing with the frogs and the other games” - Lillah, Firecrests


“I liked making the potions.  You had to measure out the different liquids.  I liked the blue one best” - Megan, Red Kites

“I enjoyed everything.  I liked going to the different classes.  The adding sheet was the best activity” - Isaac, Red Kites


“I enjoyed measuring the giants feet!” - Harrison, Caterpillars

“We found out who was the tallest boy in the class” - Joey, Caterpillars


“I enjoyed it in the hall with ‘Maths in a Suitcase’.  I liked the frog game and the mirrors;  they made it look like there were lots of something when there was only 1” - Liam, Foxes

“I enjoyed making all the shapes with magets in the hall.  I loved making a pattern on a cupcake because it was fun and we can eat them” - Sofia, Foxes


“I liked persevering with the colour puzzle in the hall.  I managed to solve the puzzle” - Jamie, Badgers

“I liked collaborating to solve the puzzles” - Ralph, Badgers


“I liked sharing the salt dough biscuits.  We made it fair” - Thomas, Honeybees

“I liked colouring the pizzas and cutting them and sharing with the teddies” - Hannah, Honeybees


“It was fun because we measured people’s feet” - Rosie, Ladybirds

“I Measured a really big beanstalk with two measures and a ruler” - Alex, Ladybirds