What do people say about our school?
I just wanted to tell you how amazingly I feel the children (and I) have been supported in their learning since they started school. From the Growth Mindset evening catered to the parents to teach us how to actively encourage our children, to the most engaging activities and games for the children so they do not even realise they are learning their phonics and maths, from the passion of the teachers to the regular supply of supporting documentation that comes home informing us what the children are learning and how we can best support them ( I truly believe no parent can ever say they did not realise how to support their child) – it really is outstanding. Everything is so considered and thought out. My son has been at school 7 weeks and is confidently reading sentences already and that  I believe is testament to your passion and drive to cater and reach every individual child.
Parent of Foundation Stage Pupil November 2017
John Hampden is an inspirational setting in all aspects – pupils love learning.
School Improvement Advisor from Bucks Learning Trust. Visit 29-11-17
Pupils at JHSW love learning. Levels of engagement are consistently high, and pupils collaborate well, supporting each other in their learning. Teachers are ambitious for their pupils; they deliver well-crafted lessons which challenge and enthuse the pupils
All pupils, whether in pupil interviews or in their classroom, are advocates for their school.  They talk highly of the school, the ethos and their relationships with others. Pupils confidently shared that they felt safe and are safe at JHWS. Pupil’s spoke positively about lessons and the supportive nature of the school. Pupils are very proud of their school and appreciate the opportunities it offers.
Pupils at JHWS are confident, articulate, welcoming, and pro-actively involved in school life and their learning. Evidence from the review suggests that pupils’ behaviour in lessons, in assembly and around the school, and their attitudes to learning, are impeccable. The school leaders and teachers focus on developing the whole child by ensuring that their personal needs, as well as their academic needs, are met.
School Review led by Naureen Kausar, Commissions Service Manager,  Bucks Learning Trust Visit 06-03-18


Our second major building project began in October 2017. During the first phase a new Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) was created to provide additional playground space for our pupils. Next, a new Year 1 classroom was built alongside the existing Year 1 block.  Our School Council visited during the construction of this new classroom. This part of the project was finished in May 2018 and work has now started to construct a new Foundation Stage classroom and Nursery at the front of the school - exciting times!

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