Discovery Week

As part of our Discovery Week work each class was asked to take on a learning challenge. The children were asked to suggest ideas and then vote for their favourite.  The challenge was something that had to be achievable within the time frame by all the children in the class.

On Friday, during Merit Assembly, each class had to present their skill to the rest of the school.

 We were wowed by:

 Herons Class who sang a whole song in French without looking at any of the words!

 Badgers Class who learnt to count to ten in Chinese.

 Caterpillars Class who recited a poem, ‘My John Hampden Smile’ off by heart.

 Red Kites Class who learnt an eight verse poem using their own picture prompts to remind them of the words in each verse.

 Squirrels Class who learnt the name and order of all the planets in the solar system.

 Honeybees class who recited a poem ‘This Is My Body.’

Firecrests Class who showed us that they could count to ten in German, Italian and French.

Hedgehogs Class who sang one of our favourite school songs but completely in French.

 Ladybirds Class who learnt to count from 1—10 in Greek.