Welcome to Crickets Class

Welcome to the Early Years  Class. We are called The Crickets. Our class starts in the Autumn Term each year.

In The Crickets we learn all about making friends and getting on with one another. We find out about the Golden Rules and The Values. We will use these for the rest of our time at The John Hampden School and even as we move on in our life outside school!

We enjoy listening to stories, nursery rhymes , poems and to each other. We are starting to reason and to speak in clear sentences. We have fun with words – hearing the sounds in them, putting those sounds together, hearing if they rhyme or if they start with the same sound.  

We work to gain confidence in all our movements – whether we are playing on scooters, bikes, with bats and balls or on climbing apparatus or using construction, paint brushes, scissors, pens, threading or many more skills using our hands and fingers.

We find out about looking after ourselves from getting dressed independently to choosing the right food and exercise.

Most importantly we are learning all this and much more through play – and it is fun!


Our Classroom