Arts Week

1st March 2022

Arts Week is an opportunity for us to highlight and focus on the arts. On Monday each class took part in a free Perform drama workshop based on the theme of ‘Jungle Exploration’. 

 This was followed by the chance to visit our own immersive jungle experience, created in one of the spare classrooms. Here the children were surrounded by the sounds and sights of the jungle before being introduced to the visual stimulus for the week—Henri Rousseau’s ‘Tiger in a Tropical Storm’ 

On Tuesday we were fortunate to have professional musicians coming into school to share their interpretation of music linked to this piece of art work. The children were so impressed to see the violinists perform brilliantly in front of them. 

 At the end of their performances the musicians wrote:

Thank you to you all for coming to listen to us play our violins. We SO appreciated your attentive listening and enthusiasm. We loved hearing your comments about how the music made you feel. We hope we can play for you again soon! 

All our best wishes 

Magnus & Marje 

Within each classroom, in art sessions, the children have been encouraged to explore the themes and techniques associated with this particular piece of artwork and we are looking forward to opening our own art gallery in one of the classrooms once all the artwork has been completed.



For World Book Day we continued the jungle theme with a link  Rudyard Kipling’s ‘The Jungle Book’