Arts Week

24th February 2020


We had a week to celebrate the Arts at our school. We had a theme of Environmental Art and being kind to our planet; linked to our whole school ‘Year of Kindness’ initiative. We taught the children about the importance of recycling and the huge global issue about reducing the amount of waste and reusing materials to prevent the amount of rubbish being put into landfills or ending up in the oceans.

Each class had a different approach, but as a school our focus was to give children the opportunity to explore and experiment with different materials and new skills. We believe the process of art to be just as valuable to the children as the creating of a final piece of art.

All the classrooms were full of pieces of artwork, but the week also provided a good chance for us to link art with music and drama. The wonderful Mrs Collins penned a song all about recycling called ‘In the Bin’ which was taught to the children and performed as a whole school during our Merit Assembly. We celebrated the end of Arts Week by meeting with our Buddy Classes to ‘show off’ the art created.

The week proved to be very successful and it was lovely to see the variety of art created and seeing children’s individuality and ideas shining through. Thank you to all the parents that helped to collect recycled materials for us.