Welcome to Herons Class

We have two class teachers! Mrs Tysoe teaches on Monday to Wednesday and then Mrs Grimsdell is our teacher on Thursday and Friday. Mrs Wilton is our Class Teaching Assistant and our Midday Meal Supervisors are Mrs Quigley and Mrs Knight.

We are a welcoming, friendly class who follow our school values and Golden Rules. We have a happy class by being kind and gentle to others, listening carefully and always trying our best. We know how lucky we are to have such a lovely school and we always try to look after property with care.

We love to learn and always try to have a go and face a challenge. If we can’t do something, we remember that we just ‘cant do it.. yet!’ We enjoy learning both inside and outside the classroom. This term we are learning about Roald Dahl, his life and how he has influenced our lives. We have been dressing up as characters from his books as well as writing our own imaginative stories.

Now we are in Year 2 we are learning to be more independent, in our learning and in the jobs and activities we do in class. It won’t be long before we continue our learning in another school so we are determined to make the most of this year and make it a success!



Our Classroom