Welcome to Firecrests Class

We are the Firecrest Class, and we are a warm and welcoming class. Mrs McNally is the class teacher from Monday to Wednesday, and Mrs Timms teaches on Thursdays and Fridays. Mrs King is our Teaching Assistant. Mrs Hanlon looks after us at lunch times.

We enjoy showing our independence by coming into school on our own, with great big smiles on our faces.

We love to learn in Firecrest class, and always try our best. We love following the golden rules and thinking about our values, and we know that this will make us a happy class, and will make school more enjoyable for all of us. We love to receive stickers and pebbles for listening carefully, hard work and demonstrating kindness to others.

Our class loves to ‘have a go’ and ‘persevere’, even if some of our learning is challenging. We know that making mistakes is a part of learning. We all ‘Love to Learn’!