Events Calendar

FJH Calendar of Events 2017-18

We try to arrange a variety of events for the children and parents throughout the year. Not all events are aimed at raising funds - we are keen to create a warm wider school community.                                                                                               

Cheese & Wine                                         Thursday 14th September
Christmas Cards*
Quiz Night
Friday 13th October
Ice Cream Day                                         Friday 13th October  
Christmas Fayre                                       Saturday 25th November               
Christmas Parties                                     Monday 18th December (in school)          
Bag to School                                           January TBC                                                                  
Children's New Year Disco                       Friday 19th  January                                                          
Ice Cream Day                                         Friday 9th  February         
Spring Cake Sale                                       Friday 16th March                                                           
Spring Run                                                 Sunday 22nd April              
May Fayre                                                 Saturday 19th May
Ice Cream Day                                           Friday 25th May                 
Fruity Fridays           every Friday starting Friday 8th June    
Bag to School                                             Wednesday 13th June                                                 
Summer BBQ                                             Friday 6th  July                                                                   
Picnic in the park (free)  Last day of Summer Term

* Students create a Christmas Card design in school - parents are able to order packs & gifts.